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Managing diabetes is easier together

Bloop is a new, more positive way of maintaining healthy control of diabetes.

It’s a free iPhone app for anyone living with diabetes, whether you measure your blood glucose or you support someone who does.

Bloop lets you privately share readings from your blood glucometer with a friend, parent or trusted guardian. In turn, they can help you manage your diabetes by sending you quick messages of motivation and encouragement. Bloop can help people with diabetes manage their health and lifestyle by supporting each other.



When Chris is doing well, Mum can send him messages and stickers to motivate him to keep going, helping him to keep up good habits and rewarding his hard work.

When Chris needs support, Mum can send him messages of encouragement to lift his spirits or give advice on how to manage his condition better.



When Mum wants to know how Chris is doing, she just has to open the Bloop app to check his latest reading. No more nagging texts or phone calls.

Messages, readings and notes are saved in Bloop, making it easy for Mum or Chris to share results and progress with a nurse or doctor.

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What you need

To use Bloop, you both need an iPhone or iPod touch, and if you measure your blood glucose, you need to have a glucometer that connects to your phone. Find out more about which phones and glucometers work with Bloop. Bloop requires iOS 9.0 or later.

The Bloop team

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Georgie Mack

Managing Partner
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Rob Brougham

TCLT Solutions

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Mike Walker

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Raffi Jacobs

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Peter Parkes

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